Brisbane Airport To Toowoomba

Toowoomba is also nicknamed as the Garden City in the Darling down region of QLD. Located in the west side of the Brisbane City, the city of Toowoomba is situated on the crest of the Great dividing range around 700 metres above sea level and includes settlements such as

  • Drayton
  • Rangeville
  • Middle Ridge
  • Cotswold Hills
  • Blue Mountain Heights
  • Mount Kynoch
  • North Toowoomba
  • Darling Heights
  • Harlaxton
  • Glenvale
  • Kearneys Spring
  • Cranley
  • Mount Lofty
  • Redwood
  • East Toowoomba
  • Newtown
  • Centenary Heights
  • Prince Henry Heights

The city is also famous for the university and the massive cathedral. With 150 gardens and public parks in Toowoomba, it is the most popular inland city in Australia next to the country’s capital Canberra. Toowoomba was named as the widest town in the country in 2008.

When the residents of the city and visitors to the city, hospital and university travel interstate or to International Destinations they prefer to use Brisbane Airport. There are many transport options available to travel between Toowoomba city and surrounding areas. Many use Private Airport transfers as a transport option. A direct door to door private transfer between Toowoomba and Brisbane Airport takes approximately 1.71 hrs of travel.