Cruise Transfers

A visit to the Australian East Coast wont be complete without touching the Ports of Brisbane Wharves for a Cruise.

myPrivateTransfer offers exclusive Cruise Transfers as below :

  1. Portside Wharf – Hamilton
  2. Port of Brisbane- Fisherman Island

Enjoy the drive with us, to your Cruise. If you are returning to the city we will receive you at the Wharf and take you to the destination with the utmost care.


Port of Brisbane- Fisherman Island

On the East coast, at the mouth of the Brisbane river, the Brisbane Cruise Terminal is a one sea-day journey distance to Sydney and a two sea-days journey distance from Tropical Cairns. Once called as The Fisherman Islands, Brisbane port is now the third busiest port of the country. A unique ShoreBird Roost is built for the migratory birds in the Visitors Centre on the Port; which is a special attraction to watch. If you need private transfers to or from the Port of Brisbane- Fisherman Island we can organise it for you. Our team is well experienced, friendly and helpful.


Portside Wharf – Hamilton

Privately owned and operated wharves are an attraction in itself and the famous Portside Wharf – Hamilton is a great place. Portside Wharf hosts an ultra modern, international standard facility for cruise liners and has multiplex, restaurants, coffee shops, souvenir shops and plenty of shopping opportunities. If your cruise touch Portside Wharf – Hamilton; and you need affordable private transfers, book your transfer through “my Private Transfers” now!