Ipswich to Brisbane and Gold Coast Airport Transfers

Ipswich to Brisbane and Gold Coast Airport Transfers

Ipswich is a growing city located in the approximate 40 kms west side of Brisbane. Initially there were plans to make Ipswich as the capital of Queensland but later moved to Brisbane due to the accessibility for ships in Brisbane.

Present population of 200,000 expected to grow to 435,000 by 2031.The city has a great cultural, architectural and natural heritage.

Recent developments such as affordable housing, big shopping malls and great transport facility to city through buses and trains makes it attractive to younger generation who like to own a decent house with an affordable price. This same reasons attracts many seniors to retire in this region.

There many affordable private schools such as Stains Memorial College located in Red bank plains. Ipswich has more than 500 parks. This is a very family friendly city with huge potential for growth.

When the families, businesses and individuals need an Airport Transport service, My Private transfers provide, affordable premium Airport transfers from Ipswich to Brisbane and Gold Coast Airports. Typically a Private transfer from Ipswich to Brisbane Airport takes app 50 kms and 45 minutes. This cost app $139. For Gold Coast Airport Transfers it takes 1 hr 45 mts hours to cover 120 kms and cost $209.

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