Transport: Tropical Plants Sunshine Coast Private Transfers

Transport: Tropical Plants Sunshine Coast Private Transfers

The Sunshine Coast enjoys tropical climate. It is the third most populated area of Queensland, with more than 300,000 people calling Sunshine Coast their home.

Some of its coastal hubs include Katana Waters, Maroochydore, Caloundra, Nambour and Noosa Heads.

The Sunshine Coast is blessed with many tropical plants and there was a point of time in the history of Sunshine Coast when Bunya Bunya Reserve was declared. The Sunshine Coast is famous for its wood industry and wood from here used to be exported to Europe.

The region has such a variety of tropical plants and boasts of the highest number of individual national parks than any other region in Queensland. The parks are from both coastal and inland regions. Some of them include Kondalilla National park, Mapleton Falls National Park, the Noosa National Park, Glass Mountains National Park and Glass Mountains National Park. Yet another national park in the region is the Great Sandy National park which includes sections of Fraser Island and Cooloola and lies near the famous Rainbow beach.

Though such a lot of wood cutting and de-forestation has happened in the past, many species of tropical plants thrive in the region. There are several nurseries in the region in which these tropical plants are grown and then sold.

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